wordbrain technology level 1


This level is a very important one for me. Every time I go to the store, I have to decide whether I want to buy a new pair of shoes or a new pair of socks. I can’t think of a way to get rid of the shoes I want sitting on the shelf without having to buy new shoes or new socks.

Wordbrain technology is a method of automatic writing that works in the same way as a screen saver. In other words, a screen saver that displays words. To create the wordbrain, a computer first searches through a large library (like the one found in WordPress) to find words, and then displays them on the screen. Wordbrain is great for long-term learning because you don’t have to write to remember, and you can quickly switch between words to get new ideas.

I’ve always been a bit of a geek about technology. I think this is because I spend so much of my day on the computer. I can’t help but be attracted to things that are so simple and can be done with one hand. One of the things I like about Wordbrain is that typing is so easy. I can just click the mouse and the cursor will turn into a word.


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