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This is an all-natural and whole foods diet. It’s a good bet to add fresh fruits, like bananas and apples, to your diet every day. Other good foods to add to your diet include raw vegetables and beans, nuts and seeds, spices, and herbs.

So if you’re looking for a healthy, healthy way to lose weight, this is a good one to check out. It’s also a great way to get plenty of protein, which, like all good diets, is essential for burning calories. The downside to this diet, however, is that it requires you to change your diet every single day. You have to eat a certain number of items in certain amounts every day, and you have to eat them every day.

Phew! It's good to know you're not one of those boring people. I can't stand them myself, but at least now we both understand where each other stands in the totem pole rankings


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