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Because of the high levels of self-awareness and self-confidence that we have, we can’t think ahead and plan for ourselves. Our thinking and actions are on autopilot, so our actions are on autopilot.

And because we’re so self-confident in our actions, we’re so sure of ourselves that we don’t care what other people think. We care about getting the most out of our actions, not the opinions of others.

It seems like the more self-aware you are, the more you care about the opinions of others and the less you care about yourself. That is a double whammy. People who care about themselves tend to act more self-aware and are more confident in what they are doing. People who are more self-aware tend to act self-confident.

We can all agree on this point, but I think it is so important that we all care about the opinions of others. I think it is a double whammy to care about yourself and care about the opinions of others.

This is the point I have been making for years about people who think they are self-aware but are in fact not. If you care about yourself, you are self-aware. If you don’t care about yourself, you are not self-aware. We all have to be self-aware. We all need to be self-aware in order to be more self-aware.

At the end of the day, we all need to be self-aware because we all are so dependent on this life we live. You can’t be too self-aware. A self-aware life is an enjoyable life. If you are constantly worried about whether you are self-aware, you will never be a self-aware person.

This is the problem with so many self-aware people. Some of us are so self-aware of our own lives that we think we will never find ourselves in a similar situation. However, because we are so self-aware we are constantly looking for that same situation. This is why we get so confused, anxious, and stressed. Instead, we should be learning how to cope with the challenges we find ourselves in.

We spend our lives trying to figure things out for ourselves. And that’s fine, but we need to be able to cope with them. When we’re not able to do this, we are unable to learn. Instead of worrying we should consider learning it first.

The problem is that we are usually too self-aware to know when we’re too self-aware. If we are aware of ourselves, then we can know when we are not. Being too self-aware is like being too self-conscious of our body. By being too self-conscious, we are unable to figure out how to cope with the challenges we find ourselves in.

Phew! It's good to know you're not one of those boring people. I can't stand them myself, but at least now we both understand where each other stands in the totem pole rankings


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