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There are a lot of ways to spend your vacation. You can travel to different countries and explore. But if you want to do something that costs way less and is somewhere nearer, then you can try spending your vacation in a cabin. At first, it may seem boring, especially if the place is quite secluded, but there are actually a lot of fun things you can do. If you want to make your vacation more interesting, then definitely barring your friends and look for cabin vacation rentals in Tacoma. Here is a short list of activities you can do on a cabin trip with your friends.

Go hiking

If your cabin is located near the woods or the mountain, then this is the perfect opportunity to go for a hike. This activity allows you to explore nature and exercise at the same time. 

Play games

If you are staying in a cabin with your friends, be sure to bring a lot of games, both board and card games. Three are a lot of games you can play, from Twister to  UNO, monopoly, dominoes, Pictionary, snakes, ladders, and truth or dare cards. 


You should definitely barbecue with your friends. There are a large variety of meats to choose from. Most of the time, it is not the food that brings excitement. It’s simply the experience of figuring out how to cook and having some epic fails with your friends. 

Take pictures

A trip isn’t complete without taking pictures. Do not forget to take some pictures to capture the moment. You can also prepare for a photoshoot. Decorate the cabin, think of creative poses, and take tons of pictures. This will be very useful if you are going to create a photo album.  

Set up a hammock and swing

Take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Set up a hammock so that you can relax and just feel the nature around you. You can also add a swing to add more fun to it.

Make a bonfire

If you are on vacation with your friends, you can’t forget about making a bonfire. It is basically a rule to start a bonfire with your friends and chill around it. While you’re at it, get some graham, marshmallows, and chocolate bars and make some smores. To make it more fun, tell some ghost stories and talk about paranormal stuff. 

This is also the perfect tie to play games like spin the bottle and truth or dare. The setting and atmosphere are perfect for fun and daring games. 

Go ghost hunting

Now that you’ve just been in a bonfire and talked about scary things, it’s time to go ghost hunting. Whether you believe oni ghosts or not, or if they exist or not, ghost hunting is fun and will be fun, especially with your friends.

Do a jamming session.

After spending your energy on the different shenanigans you just did,  it is time to start resting. You can gather inside the cabin or back at the bonfire and do a jamming session. It would be better if someone played the guitar to get the full experience. Just imagine how beautiful and relaxing it would be. Singing and just spending time with your friends in a peaceful chilly place. This would definitely be w a core memory. 

Have a movie marathon

Going on a vacation with your friends is not complete without a movie. At the end of the day, go ahead and have a movie marathon. Prepare some popcorn, drinks, some beer maybe, and just watch a movie. Bonus points if it is a horror movie because watching a scary movie with your friends always turns the movie into a comedy. 

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