fitness 19 west mifflin

Fitness 19 is a small, independent gym located just a block from the beautiful Ohio River on West Mifflin Street. Fitness 19 offers a variety of classes from yoga, pilates, and aerobics to weight training, dance and ballet, martial arts, and more.

Fitness 19 is a pretty awesome gym, and we love the variety of classes that are offered. But for a gym that’s only a block away from an Ohio river and an Ohio river that is also a city park, it’s a little too close for comfort.

Even though Fitness 19 is located right on the Ohio River, it’s such a short walk from the river to the Ohio River Park that we were left with the feeling that we were going to be swimming in the river. It would have been so nice to have a gym closer to the Ohio River Park.

Yeah, it’s a really great gym, but we didn’t want to be close to the river either. We prefer to walk when we can, but we’d love to take the boat ride on the Ohio River.

The Ohio River Park is located in the city of West Mifflin, Ohio. It is a beautiful park full of trees and a little lake. During our short visit we went to the park right past the beach bar, which had really nice views of the Ohio River. We didn’t have to go far as the park was only about a 10 minute walk from the water.

It was actually so gorgeous during our visit that it made me want to come over and take a photo (or two) of it myself. The most striking thing about the park was that it was situated next to a golf course. We were able to play golf on the course in a nice, peaceful space, which makes it perfect for relaxation and exercise.

I think the park also provided some of the most interesting views I’ve ever seen of the Ohio River. If you’re looking for a great hiking/climbing area that is also a great workout, then give this one a try. The only place I have to be at the end of the day when I’m not in my home gym is the gym.

We were surprised that none of us noticed the park in the first place. I think it actually served its purpose because it was the most scenic of all the parks. Our only concern was that it might have been too far away from the road so that we couldn’t get to it.

We only noticed it because we were in the middle of the night. We ended up having to go back to our hotel for lunch. The first time we went to this park, we had been up for 10 hours and we were still at the hotel. We walked to the park and waited for the sun to come up, then we walked back to the hotel. We were tired, but we were still not concerned.

We still had to go back to the hotel before we got to the park, so we took the scenic route again. Once again we were tired, but still no concern.

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