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The chef at The Little Kitchen is closing for business on Monday, August 16, 2015. The Little Kitchen was one of my favorite restaurants in the Washington, DC area and I was honored to be the chef and to work with so many wonderful people.

The restaurant had been open for over a year and had been a great success. Since closing, the restaurant has been completely vacant. While it was a great loss, we are thankful for the staff’s efforts on this project. We are working on getting some of the equipment back in place for the restaurant. We are doing our best to get the kitchen back up and running and hope to open up for business as soon as possible.

All the food is still fresh and delicious. The only problem we have is that I don’t want to leave the restaurant. I have to stay here and be around as much as possible. The food is still fresh and delicious. It’s so good that we just love it. I’m working on getting some of the equipment back in place for the restaurant.

Thanks for your help. I’ve always been a bit wary of the “real people” at the restaurant. I’ve just been trying to get some of the food up and running and hope to get some of the staff back in the kitchen soon. It’s been a lot of fun.

I agree. The reason behind the closed for business menu is that the restaurant is closed for business and no one is going to be eating there. This is not an ideal situation, but it is the situation that has been the case since I moved here.

I don’t think the restaurant will ever reopen. The owners are a bit of a tight-ass, which is why they closed it down. The business is in the process of being sold to a new owner, and the owners are trying to get the new owners to open up the restaurant as soon as possible. I agree with you about the tight-ass owner, but it was more or less just the way things were done in the past.

The restaurant is in the process of being sold. But it isnt going anywhere, and the owners are trying to get it reopened as soon as possible. This is a very sad situation to all of us who love this restaurant. There is no way for us to give up our memories of a fun, food-loving, family restaurant at this time.

We got a lot of people to open up the restaurant. Here is one that I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot harder to get this done. My wife and I went to the restaurant to sign the lease on it, and they were willing to pay us for the food that we had on hand. I called the owners to get to the end of the lease, and I told them I wanted them to open up the restaurant.

The owners were willing to sign the lease to open it, but the problem was that the restaurant would have to be closed for business. The owners are hoping that if they use this restaurant, the open date becomes a lot easier to get. The problem is that they are not the type of people to give up a great restaurant and expect to have it in business. If they did, they would either be very sorry for it or they would have a lot more customers than they do now.

I know it’s a big issue to open a restaurant, but I think it’s a huge mistake to call it a restaurant. It’s a place where customers come to relax, not to eat. So even if you open a restaurant, you should not call it a restaurant.


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